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We are a manufacturer of single and double clippers for table top use and standalone clipping machines.

Manually, semi-automatic or fully automated double clipper. Especially for sausage and meat products as well as non-food and chemical products.

For small and medium-sized and industrial companies.

"Made in Germany"


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We offer among other things clip machines for recloseable clips, Twister and bag opener to increase your productivity.

Manually, semi-automatic as well as full automatic packaging lines.

For bakeries, patisserie, direct marketer and non-food segment.


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All consumables, for example clips and loops, are subject to the highest quality requirements. In-house manufactured products are strictly monitored and controlled during fabrication. Merchandise will be rechecked on a random basis after incoming goods inspection, identified faults will be reported to our quality control immediately.

This further allows us to offer our customers products which fulfill the highest expectations.

  • CT Cliptechnik Deutschland GmbH
  • Mailing address:
  • Großenhainer Str. 126
  • D-01662 Meißen
  • Germany
  • Delivery address:
  • Steigerstraße 7
  • D-01665 Käbschütztal OT Löthain
  • Germany

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