Our know-how guarantees perfect service all around the clip closure technology.

Together with our partners we distribute the entire product range of clip closure technique for food products as well as non-food applications in small and medium-sized and industrial companies.

We are dealing with the topic of clip closure technique.

Tell us your application requirements - We have the solution!

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We are a manufacturer of single and double clippers for table top use and standalone clipping machines.

Manually, semi-automatic or fully automated double clipper. Especially for sausage and meat products as well as non-food and chemical products.

For small and medium-sized and industrial companies.

"Made in Germany"


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We offer among other things clip machines for recloseable clips, Twister and bag opener to increase your productivity.

Manually, semi-automatic as well as full automatic packaging lines.

For bakeries, patisserie, direct marketer and non-food segment.

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