CDC-A 800 Series

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Fully Automatic Double Clipper

  • Calibre range 25 to 105 mm
  • Up to four different clip sizes for all purposes
  • Hygienic stainless steel design
  • Loop inserter optional
  • Compatible with all commercially available stuffers

  • CDC-A 800
  • Calibre 25 - 90 mm
  • Clipseries CT 810 - CT 830
  • Natural, FIber, Cellulose- and Artificial Casings


The fully automated double clippers of the CDC-A 800 series combines performance, reliability, and effectiveness. With CDC-A 800 machines you produce on the highest level – fast and secure.
All natural, fiber, cellulose-and artificial casings can be processed to single sausages, sausage chains and rings up to calibre 90 mm. The modern, electronic control system enables to change the parameters to the desired products in seconds.
The CDC-A 800 of course been designed according to the latest standards of food safety and hygiene standards which allows a fast and efficient cleaning. The high-grade steel construction guarantees highest stability of value.
Beside the options like the automatic looper, spool clip system and string dispenser for ring shaped sausages a label system “PERFEX labeler” will be available soon. CDC-A 800 clippers can be connected to all customary stuffing machines. Clip machines „Made in Germany“ guarantees a high degree of quality and functionality.

Further Information

Model CDC-A 800
air pressure 6 bar
air consumption 7,5 Liter
weight 120 kg
dimensions l x w x h 1400 x 655 x 1780-1850
automatic loop inserter optional
string dispenser with yarn support optional
spool clip system optional
conveyor belt optional
Perfex Labeler available soon

A 525 mm stuffing horn support comes as a standard feature.
Available as special accessories: stuffing horn support 690 mm or adjustable.

Subject to technical changes


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  • Germany
  • Delivery address:
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  • Germany

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