ClipStar Mini

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ClipStar Mini Tabletop Single Clipper
The specialists for handicraft business and industrial companies process small calibres.

  • Up to four different clip sizes for all purposes
  • Minimal air-consumption
  • Hygienic stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces
  • Specialist for small calibre natural and artificial casings

  • ClipStar Mini
  • Calibre 14 - 55 mm
  • Clipseries CT 60 - CT 90
  • for natural and artificial casings
  • The specialist for small calibre hog casings, goat casings, artificial casings and cellulose casings up to calibre 55 mm.


Table top single clipper of the ClipStar series close safely and securely all kinds of natural and artificial casings as well as all types of bags used in a modern sausage production. They are the ideal devices for every size of company, simplify the production and relieve the staff. Up to four different clip dimensions can be processed without exchanging machine parts. All clip machines are made of high-grade steel and plastic, they are consequently especially long-lasting, correspond to the latest state of the technology and meet all hygienic regulations. Clip machines „Made in Germany“ guarantees a high degree of quality, functionality and conservation of value.

Further Information

Model ClipStar Mini
air pressure 2 - 4 bar
air consumption 2,4 Liter
weight 6,7 kg
dimensions l x w x h 294x220x700
support plate optional
manual knife standard
spool clip system optional
pressure regulator standard
pneumatic maintenance unit optional

Subject to technical changes

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