CDC 800 Easy Plus

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Semi-automatic Tabletop Double Clipper

  • Calibre range 25 to 105 mm
  • Up to four different clip sizes for all purposes
  • Minimal air consumption
  • Hygienic stainless steel design
  • Easy to clean due to smooth surfaces
  • Loop inserter optional
  • Compatible with all commercially available stuffers

  • ClipStar 800
  • Calibre 25 - 105 mm
  • Clipseries CT 810 - CT 830
  • Natural, FIber, Cellulose- and Artificial Casings


The CDC 800 Easy is a pneumatically driven table top double clipper and is developed especially for the small trade and middle size business. All natural, fiber, Cellulose-and artificial casings available on the market can be processed.
The big calibre area from 25-105mm allows a maximum flexibility in the production. With the variation „Easy Plus“ it is possible to produce sausage rings. With the optionally offered string dispenser sausage rings can be produced simply, fast and secure. Whether pork-, artificial casings or beef rounds, with the - as standard fitted - cutting blade, single and strings of sausages can be produced easily. That will save casings, time and your nerves.

The CDC 800 Easy distinguishes itself by its respectable construction, in connection with a safe operating. With the optional offered accessories the CDC 800 Easy Plus adapt itself to your production volume. Clip machines „Made in Germany“ guarantees a high degree of quality, functionality and conservation of value. The CDC 800 Easy is produced in the proven rustproof high-grade steel construction as all CT Cliptechnik Deutschland machines. This ensures highest stability of value being what it means produced in Germany.

Further Information

Model CDC 800 Easy Plus
air pressure 4 - 6 bar
air consumption 4 Liter
weight 26 kg
dimensions l x w x h 300 x 460 x 900
String dispenser for ring shaped products optional
Perfex String support optional
Perfex Top automatic loop inserter optional
swivel plate standard
spool clip system optional

Subject to technical changes


cross-over clip

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