Clipper der SoftClip Line
Clipsysteme für die Beutelverpackung

  • Reclosable clips made from plastic- or aluminium flat belt
  • Optional printer or embossing tool
  • Foot-operated switch as an option
  • All machines of the M-series are electrically driven
  • Adjustable bases for secure stand
  • Various clip length

  • M-Serie
  • Clip length: 35 - 60 mm
  • 230V / 50 - 60 Hz
  • Plastic- or Aluminumclips


Our packaging machines M-series seals fast, secure and extremely economical. Easy operation ensures short training periods and does not put high demands for the employee. The clipband spool is replaced within seconds. The change of digit combinations for labelling the clips is very easy and the great strength of the M-series. The flat reclosable clip is visually appealing and safe in use. Available in clip band lengths of 35 to 60 mm either in plastic- or aluminium on clip band reels.

further Information

Model CT-M408PL CT-M358PL CT-M508PL CT-M608PL CT-M355AL CT-M407AL
cliplength 40mm 35mm 50mm 60mm 35mm 40mm
clipmaterial Plastic Aluminum
connection 230V / 50 - 60Hz
seal ∅ 15 10 20 25 10 15
pieces/minute 30 30 30 30 30 30
weight net 33kg / gross 45kg
dimensions machine 838x439x1130 cm
dimensions packaging 950x680x650 cm
optional marking systems: print- and embossing unit

Subject to technical changes

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plastic flat belt

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